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Zhejiang Business Work Summary in 2022 and Work Plan in 2023

date:2023-10-19 15:55

I. Provincial Business Operations in 2022

In 2022, led by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the province's business system conscientiously meets the general requirements of "epidemic prevention, economic stabilization, development and security", continues to promote high-level opening up, and goes all out to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment and promote consumption, keeps business operations within a reasonable range. As a result, the main indicators are better than expected, better than the national average level, and top-ranking in the East region.

(I) Steady recovery of the consumer market. The province's total retail sales of consumer goods amounted to RMB 3.05 trillion, up 4.3% year-on-year. The province realized online retail sales of RMB 2.70 trillion Yuan, up 7.2%.

(II) Rapid growth in foreign trade. Total annual imports and exports amounted to RMB4.68 trillion Yuan, an increase of 13.1%; exports amounted to RMB3.43 trillion Yuan, an increase of 14.0 %; imports amounted to RMB1.25 trillion Yuan, an increase of 10.7 %. The annual import and export of trade in services amounted to RMB 509.12 billion Yuan, an increase of 12.1 %.

(III) Stable introduction of foreign investment. For the year as a whole, Paid-in FDI amounted to US$ 19.3 billion, an increase of 5.2 %.

(IV) Steady and orderly outbound investment. The province's outbound foreign direct investment was recorded at US$13.04 billion, an increase of 45.0 %; the turnover of overseas contracted projects was completed at US$6.4 billion.

(V) Rapid development of new forms and modes of business. The annual import and export of digital trade amounted to RMB 633.55 billion Yuan, an increase of 14.5 %; among them, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce amounted to RMB422.28 billion Yuan, an increase of 18.7 %.

(VI) Significant role of open platforms in driving the development of the province. 29,000 new enterprises were registered in the Pilot Free Trade Zone from January to November; Paid-in FDI amounted to US$ 3.27 billion, an increase of 63.6%; and the imports and exports amounted to US$878.94 billion, an increase of 22.4%. The province's development zones actually used US$ 9.69 billion of foreign capital, accounting for 53.2% of the province. The annual China-Europe (Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe) freight train ran 2,269 shifts, an increase of 19.2%.

II. Work Summary in 2022

(I) Work together to make solid progress

(I) Work together to make solid progress

Jointly with provincial departments, we have set up "two stabilization and one promotion" working mechanism, within which we improved the six mechanisms, implemented the "weekly monitoring, monthly reporting, quarterly analysis" system, stabilized foreign trade, foreign investment and promote consumption with all efforts. We have strengthened the policy supply and issued six rounds of policies including 10 regulations to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment and 12 regulations to promote consumption in summer holidays in the name of the General Office of the Provincial Government in accordance with requirements of "go all out, early and fast, spare no effort, accurate and efficient", which has firmly stabilized market expectations and boosted business confidence. We have held high-level symposiums on foreign trade and foreign investment enterprises. We have strengthened daily scheduling, developed "two stability and one promotion" online platform, implemented supervision services, and successively went to Huzhou and Lishui to carry out face-to-face services.

(II) Expand markets and stabilize foreign trade fundamentals

We have implemented a rolling 100-day campaign to expand the market, launched the "Thousands of Delegations and Enterprises" campaign to expand the market, procure orders and attract projects, and organized enterprises to participate in professional exhibitions at home and abroad. We have established and improved the service and guarantee mechanism for facilitating the inbound and outbound trips of business people, and issued the first policy document on business charter flights and regular flights in China. We have successfully explored the segregation-free closed-loop management zone ("closed-loop bubble") in Haining on a pilot basis, which were popularized by the Ministry of Commerce and other six ministries. We have supported foreign trade entities, accelerated development of foreign trade new business, achieved full coverage of pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce in the provincial area, taken the lead in the introduction of policies to promote the standardized and healthy development of market procurement, set up Wenzhou used car export pilot, and a total of 360 overseas warehouses joined overseas smart logistics platform. We have actively expanded imports. Wenzhou Ouhai District has been selected as a national import trade promotion innovation demonstration zone. We have set up five new national specialty service export bases. Hangzhou and Ningbo were ranked fourth and seventh in the comprehensive evaluation of national service outsourcing demonstration cities. We are the first to successfully obtain approval for the provincial trade adjustment assistance pilot program in China.

(III) Focus on investment to introduce large and strong projects

We have improved the mechanism of integrating domestic and foreign investment, and signed 99 major foreign investment projects of more than US$100 million and 270 domestic investment projects of more than RMB 1 billion Yuan outside the province. We have continuously optimized the structure of foreign investment, identified the first batch of foreign-funded R&D centers with the share of high-tech foreign investment increased by 3.3 percentage points compared with last year. Hangzhou has been approved to launch the national comprehensive pilot project of expanding and opening up service industry. Focusing on the digital economy, service industry and other key areas, we have organized the "Invest in Zhejiang" multinational companies through-train series activities. We have continued to promote factor assurance and optimize foreign investment services, compiled an industrial investment map of the province, and provided full-process tracking services for key domestic and foreign-funded projects.

(IV) Stronger initiatives to energize the consumer market

We have tapped the consumption potential with extraordinary efforts, actively carried out consumption promotion activities with the main line of "Consume In Zhejiang ", launched a series of thematic activities such as the Renewal Consumption Season, the Consumption Promotion Month, the Golden Autumn Shopping Festival, and the Summer Consumption Promotion, and successfully organized the launching ceremony of the National Consumption Season of Household Appliances. We have accelerated the layout of new consumption and carried out the live broadcasting activities of "Good Life Broadcasting Season in Zhejiang". We have continuously strengthened the construction of consumption scenarios, two smart shopping districts and three smart stores in the province were selected into the first batch of national demonstration list, the second batch of 11 high-quality pedestrian streets were transformed and promoted as pilots, and six of the night economic model cities and characteristic cities were selected. Zhoushan and 9 enterprises were selected into the second batch for national supply chain innovation and application demonstration list. We have obtained approval as a national pilot project for the integration of domestic and foreign trade.

(V) Upgrade to create a new highway for opening up

We have held a conference on the high-quality enhancement and development of the Pilot Free Trade Zones (FTZ), with in-depth institutional innovation and formed ten landmark achievements. We have sped up construction oil and gas FTZ, digital FTZ and hub FTZ with Ningbo Zhoushan Port ranked the first in the country in terms of annual oil and gas throughput. Hangzhou airport and Ningbo airport were approved the fifth freedom traffic rights, 6 cities including Hangzhou was included in the pilot area of the digital renminbi and Zhejiang data international trading platform was launched on-line. We have continuously deepened the integration and enhancement of development zones, strengthened the services of special customs supervision zones, intensified match-making of the platform for common prosperity and realized the full coverage of provincial-level development zones in mountainous counties. We have successfully launched the first Global Digital Trade Expo and achieved remarkable results in the China International Import Expo.

(VI) Strengthen cooperation to build an important hub of the Belt and Road together

We have implemented the second round of "Silk Road Pilot" action plan, promoted the development of the headquarters of private multinational corporations in Zhejiang, and recognized 50 new pilot enterprises. We have sped up the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and recognized two provincial-level overseas economic and trade cooperation zones. We have taken measures against overseas risk in an orderly and effective way and carried out 15 "Silk Road Escort" activities. We have achieved equal focus on the frequency and quality of China-Europe (Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe) feight trains, contributing to the stabilization of the international supply chain. We have launched and implemented  three-year action plan for the implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), developed six RCEP high-level opening-up and cooperation demonstration zones including Ningbo, and carried out a series of "RCEP Beneficial to ZheJiang Enterprises" policy publicity activities for over 10,000 enterprises in a hundred sessions.

(VII) Promote changes to implement major strategies

We have solidly promoted the construction of Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone, facilitated the Framework Agreement on Supporting the Construction of Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone in Zhejiang between the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial government, accelerated the construction of county business system, promoted new services for digital life, and released the first batch of 100 typical cases of live e-commerce "Common Prosperity Workshop". We have pushed forward the digital reform, accelerated and iterated the overall structure of "Business Brain", and continuously improved projects such as "Zhejiang Investment Promotion Online" and "Free Trade Online". We have continued to deepen business cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta and issued the Program for Accelerating the Construction of Digital Trade Innovation and Development Zone in the Southward Expansion of Hongqiao International Open Hub. We have actively promoted "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral" business system, and reached a record high in the province's cement bulk rate.

(VIII) Strengthen capabilities to modernize business governance

We have solidly carried out the learning and practice activities of "six lectures, six actions and six competitions", and theoretical lectures of party organizations at all levels for 75 times. We have continued to promote the construction of clean organs with business recognition, vigorously carried out case-based governance, and closely organized integrity inspections. We have continuously improved the management system of industry business associations and formed a synergy to promote the development of the industry. We have promoted legislation in the field of commerce by revising and implementing the Regulations on China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone. We have optimized the allocation of responsibilities with new function of coordinating the attraction of domestic and foreign capital, and strengthened the management of units under the Office. We have deepened the construction of the personnel and organized training courses for directors of commerce and directors of investment promotion to improve work capacity and level.

III. Work Plan for 2023

The year 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC Congress, is the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the "Double-Eight Strategy", the critical year for implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", but also the beginning of a new administration. Thus, it is of great significance to do our work plan well throughout the year. We will be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the Central Economic Work Conference, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 15th CPC Party Congress and the 2nd Plenary Session of the 15th Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee's Economic Work Conference, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress amidst stabilization, carry out the new development concept fully, accurately and comprehensively, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, and adhere to the "three important" principles of commercial work. We will highlight the opening up and upgrading, promote high-quality development of business, expand domestic demand for consumption, procure orders and stabilize foreign trade, expand domestic capital and foreign investment, strengthen platforms and enhance capacity, facilitate the business sector to achieve effective qualitative and quantitative growth, and provide a strong guarantee of stable growth, offer strong support for Zhejiang to become a front-runner in socialist modernization drive as well as a demonstration zone for common prosperity. We will focus on promoting 10 aspects:

(I) We will promote the comprehensive landing of the "No. 1 Opening-up Project" to by leveling up the ‘sweet potato economy’ in pursuit of a more open economy. We will adhere to the integrity of "going out” with high level products and “bringing in” high quality projects to improve Zhejiang, deepen the research subject, launch policies and initiatives, improve the organizational system, work system, policy system and evaluation system, and timely convene provincial opening-up conference and promote the “ No. 1 Opening-up Project" goals and tasks to achieve results.

(II) Deepen actions to optimize policies, strengthen services and stabilize expectations

With the provincial government "8 + 4" policy system, we will develop and implement policy package of "expanding domestic demand and opening to the outside world" and form a synergy to promote high-quality development of business. Firstly, we will stabilize foreign trade policy and highlight the market development. We shall greatly support offline overseas exhibitions and provide support for fiscal, financial and immigration facilitation. We will support the construction of international marketing system; accelerate the development of overseas warehouses, cross-border e-commerce and other new business models of foreign trade. We will increase policy-based financial support for foreign trade, and give full play to the role of financial tools such as export credit insurance. Secondly, we will stabilize foreign investment and focus on the attraction of large and strong projects. We will encourage the "go out" to attract investment and offer support in aspects like funding and approval process. We will give incentives to expanding channels for attracting foreign investment and eligible major projects and manufacturing projects. We will encourage the establishment and development of foreign-funded R & D centers and give support in terms of personnel and tax incentives. Thirdly, we will promote consumption policy and boost confidence; introduce a three-year action plan to popularize and promote quality consumption; strengthen cooperation with financial institutions and play an active role in consumer credit. Support localities to issue consumption vouchers to promote the consumption of commodities like new energy vehicles, home furnishings and home appliances; Tap market potential in areas such as retrofit for the aged, pre-made food, new national customs fashion, and outdoor recreation; Fully exploit the advantages and characteristics of industrial zones, encourage the construction of new economic models such as e-commerce industrial bases and demonstration parks, and accelerate the development of live e-commerce and "Common Prosperity Workshop". Fourthly, we will launch the opening policy and highlight the ability improvement. We will implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the fifteenth provincial party congress, launch a number of new initiatives to open up to the outside world at a high level, establish and implement "No. 1 Opening Project" to upgrade the sweet potato economy and convene opening-up conference held in due course; introduce the Pilot Free Trade Zone to enhance the development of action programs, define objectives and tasks for the next five years, and further enhance the development capacity of the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Fifthly, we will improve the level of accurate service. We shall conduct in-depth activities such as "Extensive Visit, Extensive Research, Extensive Service and Extensive Problem Solving" activities, to respond to public and enterprises concerns and the grassroots expectations. We will build a "one-key" application platform for direct access to enterprises' business requests and services; give full play to the roles of overseas business representative offices and offices in Shanghai and Beijing, and enhance the capacity of domestic and overseas business services.

(III) Deepen action to expand domestic demand and promote consumption

We will give full play to the fundamental role of consumption in economic development, prioritize the activation and expansion of consumption, and make every effort to boost confidence in the consumer market. Firstly, we will vigorously cultivate entities of commerce and circulation, accelerate the cultivation of large-scale chain trade enterprises, promote the digital transformation of traditional trade enterprises, and cultivate large-scale leading trade enterprises, actively promote integration reform pilot for the national domestic and foreign trade, cultivate new "frontrunner" enterprises and pilot industrial base; continuously promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and enhance the capacity of "Zhijiang Entrepreneurs". Secondly, we will boost domestic demand through “Consume in Zhejiang” campaign, create word-of-mouth enterprises in the consumer market, vigorously promote the "First Store First Launch", and cultivate a number of " Consume in Zhejiang " brands; give full play to the enthusiasm of market players and encourage key business districts, specialty shopping streets, trading enterprises and brand enterprises to carry out joint marketing activities; seize the opportunities of the New Year Shopping Festival, Consumption Promotion Month, Summer Consumption Season and Golden Autumn Shopping Festival to promote consumption, and support the Asian Games theme consumption; organize "Delicious Zhejiang" catering consumption promotion activities to boost catering consumption; continue to carry out the "Good Night in Zhejiang " series of activities and draw the consumption map. Thirdly, we will optimize consumption supply, increase financing support for small and medium-sized business enterprises such as retail, catering, tourism and recreation, and accelerate the recovery of contact-type and aggregation-type consumption; promote the innovation of time-honored enterprises, organize the China Time-Honored Brand Expo, and promote the brand of "New Trend of National Products and Quality of Life"; encourage green consumption, improve the recycling system of renewable resources, develop new modes of business such as "Internet + recycling", cultivate green restaurants, and consolidate the results of the creation of green shopping malls. Fourthly, we will make innovations in consumption scenarios; seize the opportunity of the Asian Games to build a number of international consumption neighborhoods; deepen the "Convenient Living Circle Within 15 Minutes’ Reach", and promote convenient service facilities such as commercial facilities and medical, pension and housekeeping into the community; accelerate the construction of smart business districts, recognize the provincial model smart business districts, and strive for partially being the national model; deepen the construction of high-quality pedestrian streets and commercial specialty streets, and create a new batch of night-time economic landmarks; continuously carry out the rating of diamond-level restaurants and release a batch of model consumption scenarios for high-quality development. Fifthly, we will improve the business circulation system; improve the matchmaking system for the production and marketing of agricultural products, and strengthen the construction of a cold-chain logistics system for agricultural products; deepen the pilot demonstration cultivation mechanism for supply chain innovation and application, and promote the construction of supply chain collaborative innovation complex; establish and improve the multi-sector linkage supervision mechanism for single-purpose commercial prepaid cards, and do a good job in the management of industries such as refined oil products, second-hand cars, recycling and dismantling of end-of-life automobiles, auctions, direct sales, and bulk cement.

(IV) Deepen the action of procuring orders and stabilizing foreign trade

We will seize the "window phase" to expand the market, make every effort to stabilize the fundamentals of foreign trade, and play the supporting role of exports on the province's economic development. Firstly, we will vigorously explore the international market. We will implement "Thousands of delegations and Enterprises" campaign to expand the market, procure orders and attract project, do a good job in activities at home and abroad to expand the market. We will further enhance the level of facilitation of entry and exit for business people, and optimize the services like document processing and business flights; strengthen cooperation with the Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, improve the rate of settlement of credit limit demands, and reduce the compliance risk. Secondly, we will strengthen the cultivation of foreign trade entities; implement a new round of cultivation program for foreign trade entities, continue to grow the foreign trade entities through echelon training and support; develop and implement the "Leading Enterprises Action" to cultivate leading foreign trade enterprises, and add a number of leading foreign trade enterprises with annual exports exceeding US$ 100 million; increase the efforts to attract investment and promote trade, promote the return of Zhejiang enterprises outside the province and overseas factory trade, and build international trade headquarters. Thirdly, we will develop new forms and modes of foreign trade. We shall continuously promote the quality enhancement action for market procurement trade, recruit and cultivate entities of comprehensive foreign trade services, and promote the global layout of overseas warehouses; encourage pilot implementation in fields like bonded maintenance, offshore trade in eligible areas. Fourthly, we will accelerate the optimization and upgrading of foreign trade. We shall improve the international marketing service system, encourage enterprises to speed up the establishment of agencies such as overseas exhibition centers and distribution centers; construct high-quality national-level foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, and actively declare a new batch of bases; encourage greater investment in R&D, enhance product value-added and core competitiveness, and promote more enterprises to shift from OEM to brand overseas; promote the development of green trade and cultivate a number of low-carbon foreign trade enterprises. Fifthly, we will actively expand imports. We shall make good use of the crude oil import quota and increase the import of energy resources such as oil and gas, advanced technology and equipment and key components; promote the innovative development of import platforms, implement import demonstration zones and key import platforms for high-quality development projects; carefully organize to participate in the China International Import Expo; run a series of import promotion activities and create a "Never-Ending Import Expo". Sixthly, we will deepen the innovative development of trade in services. We shall accelerate the recovery of international tourism and other traditional service trade, support service outsourcing, technology trade, accelerate the development of Hangzhou, promote Hangzhou to complete the pilot task of national innovative development of trade in services and achieve the advanced position of Hangzhou and Ningbo for national service outsourcing demonstration cities and strive to create the first batch of demonstration zones regarding national innovative development of trade in services. Seventhly, we will make good use of free trade agreements. We shall fully utilize the 19 FTAs to expand space for the development of Zhejiang enterprises; deepen economic and trade cooperation with the RCEP market, strengthen supervision of the RCEP high-level openness and cooperation demonstration zones, and promote the demonstration zones to create landmark results around priorities such as the development of international markets, attracting foreign investment and country-specific cooperation.

(V) Deepen action to expand domestic and foreign investment

We will promote the province's domestic and foreign investment attraction work in a coordinated manner, attract and utilize foreign capital with grater determination, better initiatives and intensified efforts, and to create a high-quality foreign capital agglomeration. Firstly, we will improve the working mechanism of attracting large projects. We shall accelerate the reform of the system and mechanism for attracting domestic and foreign capital, implement the mechanisms of chief-leader investment attraction, coordination of major project attraction, project transfer, information notification, evaluation and incentives, establish and improve the monitoring and assessment system for domestic and foreign investment, and strengthen the construction of policy incentive system. Secondly, we will adopt a variety of channels to attract foreign investment. We shall do a good job of "Investment in Zhejiang" series of investment promotion activities, carry out the global investment promotion series of activities, and encourage go out to Europe, Japan and other countries to carry out investment promotion; support to establish and improve the investment and project attraction network in key counties and cities; carry out special action for fund investment partners and set up investment funds; improve quality and expand coverage for QFLP pilot and further expand foreign investment channels; keep upgrading "Zhejiang Investment Promotion Online" digital investment platform, strengthen precise investment; actively promote the return of overseas Zhejiang merchants and overseas Chinese businessmen. Thirdly, we will strengthen foreign investment attraction for the major projects and manufacturing industry. We will conduct whole process of tracking services for the key foreign investment projects and strengthen services such as land use and energy use; strive to introduce a number of major domestic manufacturing projects with a total investment of more than RMB 1 billion Yuan in 2023, and a number of major foreign-funded manufacturing projects with a total investment of more than US$100 million. Fourthly, we will continue to expand market access. Given Hangzhou has been approved to expand and open up the comprehensive pilot project of the service industry, we will expand the utilization of foreign investment in modern service industry, and continue to carry out "Integration of the Two Industries"(advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry) cooperation match-making between multinational corporations and cities and counties in our province, focus on attracting foreign investment projects in productive service industry such as research and development and design and modern logistics; support multinational companies in Zhejiang to set up regional headquarters and international trade centers, foreign-funded R & D centers and other functional institutions. Fifthly, we will enhance the level of foreign investment services. We shall smooth communication channels between government and enterprises, and improve the service mechanism of foreign investment projects; closely contact with foreign business associations and investment promotion organizations in China, carry out the construction of business service system, and grasp the demands of foreign-funded enterprises in a timely manner.

(VI) Promote actions to strengthen platforms and enhance capabilities

We will implement the "Eight Enhancement Actions" in Pilot Free Trade Zones to promote the industrial improvement, capacity enhancement and accelerated development of various types of open platforms at all levels in the whole province. Firstly, we shall accelerate the promotion of reform and innovation; deepen the synergistic development with the linkage innovation zone, continue to promote the reform of fields like the whole oil and gas industry chain and international trade and strive to achieve breakthroughs in the aspects of free and convenient trade, cross-border financial service innovation, and safe and orderly flow of data; and form a number of replicable and scalable system innovation results. Secondly, we will enhance the development of oil and gas FTZ; focus on safeguarding the security of national energy resources, push forward the reform of investment facilitation and trade liberalization of bulk commodities, and strive for the implementation of the pilot market-based adjustment mechanism for crude oil reserves; promote the construction of an integrated oil and gas trading market in the Yangtze River Delta, and improve the "China Zhoushan Bonded Fuel Oil Price Index System" and the capacity pre-sale mechanism. Thirdly, we will focus on the breakthrough of digital FTZ. We will increase the development of digital trade rules, the negative list of service trade liberalization, intellectual property protection, fair competition and other aspects of the benchmarking efforts to strive for international high-standard rules of the national pressure test pilot such as DEPA; promote the construction of international trading platform for Zhejiang data and deepen the reform of market-oriented allocation of data elements; and promote the pilot of digital renminbi in a steady and orderly manner. Fourthly, we will accelerate the construction of the hub free trade zone. Based on the "four ports linkage", we will strive to become a new offshore international trade center city, build a China-Central and Eastern Europe trade facilitation demonstration zone, and promote the high-quality development of the demonstration zone of the airport economy. We will plan and build an East China International Combined transport port with high standards, promote the pilot implementation of the port of departure tax rebate policy in Ningbo Zhoushan Port and include Jinhua (Yiwu) sea-rail intermodal railroad station into the scope of "port of departure" tax rebate. Fifthly, we will continue to promote the expansion of development zones to enhance capacity; give full play to the role of the main position of economic development in the development zones, and actively organize the province's 100 development zones to carry out 100 investment activities around the "Chain Leader System" demonstration pilot of 100 industrial chains; guide the declaration and establishment of provincial economic development zones, recommend the provincial economic development zone with higher quality in the province to apply for the creation of national economic and technological development zones; support the creation of local comprehensive bonded areas and bonded logistics centers and accelerate the legislative work of the Regulations of Zhejiang Development Zones.

(VII) Implement international industrial cooperation to enhance action

We will adhere to "Step out of Zhejiang to develop Zhejiang", encourage Zhejiang enterprises to "go out", to enhance the value of Zhejiang in the integration and development of international supply chain and industry chain. Firstly, we will strengthen the entities of foreign investment; implement the third round of local private multinational companies to cultivate "Silk Road Pilot" three-year action plan, cultivate tiers of local private multinational companies to grow headquarters economy; encourage enterprises to innovate mergers and acquisitions and carry out high-quality cross-border mergers and acquisitions; support the layout of enterprises' overseas marketing networks and promote the integrated development of foreign investment and foreign trade. Secondly, we will deepen international cooperation in key regions. We will focus on supporting investment cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road" and RCEP agreement signatories, and promote the construction of major investment and cooperation projects in a safe and orderly manner. We will actively expand investment cooperation with Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and so on, and meticulously prepare for the Third China-Central and Eastern European Countries Expo; strongly support the "construction industry" to go out, and promote a number of foreign contracting "small and wonderful" project for public well-being. Thirdly, we will build a high-capacity platform for opening up abroad and lay out processing and manufacturing, science and technology R&D and resource utilization parks; promote industrial chain cooperation between overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and domestic economic development zones, and develop in tandem with overseas merger and acquisition industry cooperation parks; and promote the upgrading of the functions of the Czech station and Dubai station. Fourthly, we will promote the high-quality development of China-Europe (Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe) freight train. In accordance with the direction of "Internationalization, Marketization, Digitization, Branding and Specialization", we will promote the high-quality development of Sino-EU (Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe) freight train, and further strengthen infrastructure construction, institutional mechanism innovation and policy support.

(VIII) Carry out a campaign to improve commercial security escorts

We will make greater efforts to integrate development and security, and openness and security, and effectively prevent and resolve all kinds of risks in the field of commerce. Firstly, we will strengthen trade remedy investigations. We will do an in-depth job of responding to economic and trade frictions, promote the early and pilot implementation of the National Comprehensive Pilot Zone for Multi-sector Collaborative Response to Trade Frictions, strengthen the response to major trade friction cases, comprehensively implement the three-year action of the construction of enterprises' foreign trade and economic cooperation compliance system, and improve the construction of the foreign trade early warning system. Secondly, we will prevent the risk of international investment and cooperation; properly deal with emergencies abroad, guide enterprises to suspend investment and cooperation in high-risk areas, and prevent risks at the source. We shall actively promote the construction of cross-border service system, and jointly carry out the "Silk Road Escort" activities at the provincial, urban and county levels, enhance enterprises risk awareness and coping ability. Thirdly, we will ensure the stable operation of domestic trade; strengthen the construction of the emergency supply system for daily necessities, optimize the emergency commodity reserves, and guarantee online supply system for daily necessities in Zhejiang. We will strengthen the guidance on production safety of commerce and circulation enterprises, and assist in doing a good job in the field of production safety of business areas such as gas stations, shopping mall and restaurants. Fourthly, we will enhance the ability to prevent and control business risks; iteratively upgrade "order + list" early warning monitoring system, strengthen prediction and early warning in domestic trade, foreign trade and foreign investment, so that we are prepared; pay close attention to the COVID-19 pandemic, the international situation, the impact of natural disasters and other risks and strengthen the comprehensive response to stabilize business operations.

(IX) Promote self-improvement actions

With strong self-construction, we will lay a solid foundation for the development of business, and continuously improve the organization level, business level, service level and cadre level of the province's business system. Firstly, we will make efforts to deepen major reforms; conduct in-depth business environment optimization and enhancement "No.1 Reform Project", continue to enhance the level of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and optimize the management services of foreign-related enterprises. We will promote digital reform, iterate the "Business Brain", further promote the monitoring, forecasting and early warning module, and achieve full coverage of major areas; cooperate with the pilot work on administrative law enforcement reform of "Great Comprehensive Integration". Secondly, we will continue to strengthen team building. We will continue to organize training courses for commercial directors and special training on e-commerce and trade in services. We will focus on quality consumption enhancement and institutional liberalization in the field of digital trade to form a batch of high quality research results. We will strengthen legislation, popularization of law and law enforcement, and enhance the level of commercial law-abiding administration.

(X) Create a number of business landmark results

In order to better enhance business recognition and improve the status of the business sector, we will combine with national strategic planning and development needs and focus on creating three business landmark results. Firstly, we will solidly promote the construction of common prosperity demonstration zone. With the main line of quality consumption upgrading in villages and towns, we will stress on e-commerce to promote agriculture and other projects; promote the construction of county commercial system with high quality, construct, transform and upgrade a number of county, township commercial complexes and rural convenience stores and promote the integration and upgrading of end-to-end logistics outlets. We will vigorously develop rural e-commerce, cultivate e-commerce live "Common Prosperity Workshop", and create a number of provincial demonstration projects; continuously promote the construction of open platforms in mountainous island counties. Secondly, we will create a global digital trade center; promote the construction of the province's cross-border e-commerce industrial park, continue to promote the series of actions such as "Open Stores Worldwide ", "Brands Go Overseas", "Independent Station Pilot", and add a number of cross-border e-commerce exports of well-known brands; strengthen the digital trade industry system and implement the key project plan for the high-quality development of digital trade;  iteratively upgrade the "Single Window" for digital trade and enhance the level of digital trade facilitation; organize the Second Global Digital Trade Expo with high quality and strive to create a national digital trade demonstration zone. Thirdly, we will enrich the platform and carrier of "Zhejiang Businesses Go global".  We shall solidly promote the "Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Go Global" market expansion action, " Thousands of Delegations and Enterprises" campaign to expand the market, procure orders and attract project, implement a rolling 100-day campaign to expand the market, Zhejiang goods marketing the world with high quality, Zhejiang Supermarket Plan, promoting consumption and promoting common prosperity through e-commerce and make every effort to expand the international and domestic markets. We will solidly promote the "Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Go Global" to promote investment action, vigorously promote the "go out" investment, publicize the investment environment in Zhejiang, to attract more domestic and global top 500 enterprises to invest in Zhejiang; solidly push forward the "Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Go Global" strong cooperation action, based on "Global Connection", "Silk Road Pilot" and other activities. We will make full use of platforms such as business representative offices and overseas cooperation parks to build bridgeheads for international economic and trade cooperation and production capacity cooperation.