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A letter to Foreign-Invested Enterprises

date:2023-01-30 18:00

Join Hands to Compose a New Chapter of “Investing in Zhejiang” with Openness and Win-win Spirit

——A letter to Foreign-Invested Enterprises

Dear foreign-invested enterprises:

Everything starts anew as footsteps of spring approach. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes to you!

Last year, foreign-invested enterprises have been scaling new heights and exploring new paths with courage and innovation, integrating Zhejiang's development into the world economy, and making significant contribution to Zhejiang's practice of reform and opening-up, and modernization. With a vast and fertile land for investment and business development, Zhejiang managed to attract $19.3 billion paid-in foreign capital in 2022, ranking fifth nationwide. It plays a more prominent role in the global industrial chain and value chain, and continues to forge a market-oriented, law-based, and international first-class business environment, further cementing its status as a hub of high-quality foreign capital. These can not be achieved without trust and dedication of every foreign-invested enterprise. Hereby, I wish to express my gratitude to all of you. 

As President Xi Jinping pointed out at the opening ceremony of the 5th China International Import Expo, openness is a key driving force behind the progress of human civilization and an intrinsic path towards global prosperity and development. In 2023, Zhejiang will attract global investment and cooperation with exceeding resolve, extraordinary measures, and great efforts, sharing new developments and opportunities in the new era with foreign-invested enterprises. “Investing in Zhejiang” is the theme of Zhejiang’s investment promotion work in 2023. No matter you are new friends looking for investment opportunities, or old ones already invested here, the gate of “Zhejiang” will be open to you and its development dividends will always be shared. Zhejiang, with its best environment and services, will welcome and support new friends to invest and old friends to further develop.

“Rabbit ushers in spring, oriole heralds happiness”. While the new year scroll of 2023 unfolds, let us join hands to embrace the spring breeze and share the bountiful harvest in autumn, press the “fast forward button” of high-quality development, and together compose a new chapter of “Investing in Zhejiang” with openness and win-win spirit!

Han Jie


Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province

28th January, 2023